Sunday, August 1, 2010

Who We Are--Organizations

I have a special affinity for organizations. For one, our ability to organize to produce a good or a service-- be that in the capitalist sense, the political sense, the ideological sense, or for labour, or even in the personal sense--I believe is one of humanity's greatest abilities, greatest 'discoveries', this ability is what also makes modern life possible.
Modern economic life would not be possible if not for our ability to organize in all sorts of manner.

Look around you. Your environment is the product of modern economic life and our ability to organize people. Your ability to survive would be dramatically diminished without it. (Unless you count returning to the days of hunting and gathering as a way forward for yourself and your tribe. A laudable strategy, just not one well suited for six billion and growing people.)

Now, as an organization, I want you to think about that. As an entity, you are responsible for the quality of life here on earth. You may only affect a radius of 10 miles around you, or maybe 100 miles, or maybe 1,000 miles, or you may affect an entire region, an entire country, an entire continent, and entire world. What ever the range of your organizations affect, with that affect comes responsibility.
To me, the unconventional consultant, that is an enormous responsibility.

As the unconventional consultant, it is my mission in life to take your organization to the next level in handling that responsibility, it is my mission in life to make your organization a leader in establishing the standard for that responsibility, it is my mission in life to enhance the economic and social well being of people by making organizations better.

Let me put this simply. The quality of life on earth is dependent on the quality of our organizations. My mission in life is to enhance the quality of those organizations.

As the unconventional consultant I have two ways of doing this.
One, is I work with your organization directly. If we build a relationship, if you buy into what I am about and what my systems are all about, I will transform your organization into one that can grow and thrive in any condition the future brings. I will develop a process and system for making your organization the very best it can be.
Two, I have the seeds and a registered domain name for starting an organization called Transforming Organizations.

What kind of organization would want to be part of such an organization? (an organization of organizations!)
Ones that get they have an enormous responsibility to not only their customers or constituents, not only to the people they employ or have work for them, but more importantly, an enormous responsibility to the economic fabric, the social fabric, the ecological environment that their organization touches.
I want involved organizations that understand for market capitalism to work, it's their responsibility. I want involved organizations that want to understand that responsibility and want to set the standard for that responsibility.

Do you understand what regulation is? I will tell you what it is. It is the outsourcing of the responsibility of standards of ethics and behaviour of the business your organization is in to some other organization.
I want organizations involved that understand that, and want to be leaders in setting the standards of ethics and behaviours that will lead the way for quality of life on this planet for now and future generations.

I want involved organizations that understand they need and want to have a different way of looking at their role in the economic and social systems that make modern and future life possible.
I want involved organizations that at least want to understand the characteristics of an organization that has systems thinking, learning, and social networking as part of their cultural make up, and that cultural make up will have an advantage over those that don't. 

I want to be involved with these organizations because I know that it is organizations that will have the greatest affect on the quality of life for not just people, but life itself now and for the future.

I want to be involved with organizations that for this resonates with them, and have the initiative to at least contact me to find out more, or better yet, get what I am talking about and ask, "How do we help, what can we do to help make this grow?"

I want that kind of initiative because I know the quality of the future depends on the quality of your organization.

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