Saturday, August 14, 2010

Our Tribe, Our Ticket. Our Life

With some of the philosophical foundations laid, I'd like to talk a bit more about who I am writing for and why.
(We mustn't, my fellow tribe members, forget I am a builder at heart and by trade. My thing was to build for a 100 years. For that, you need a solid foundation. For many reasons obvious and not so obvious, I am anal about foundations. Be they philosophical or of concrete. That's a hint that what I am building here is meant to last 100 years.)

So, who am I writing for? Simple!! Us. You and I, and 148 others of us who get it.
We have reservoirs of untapped knowledge, undervalued abilities. Ideas. We have skills and passions that aren't being fully utilized by either the company we work for, or we're not getting the most out of ourselves and we know we want more of ourselves.
We might own, run, manage an organization that also knows it has untapped knowledge, underused abilities, fallow ideas and innovation, skills and passions within it that aren't creating more value for anyone. And we want to change that.

We are the people and organizations that want to lead the future rather than be lead by it. We are leaders, we are team players. We play to win. Not just winning 'championships' (quarterly revenues, etc ad infinitum), but much more than that--we play to win the game of life. (The Game of Life is a post for another day.

What, you are naturally asking, do we "get"?
We get two dictums of three.

The first of three are:
We are not just systems thinkers, we are systems 'be'-ers.

We have learning not just as a personal lifestyle, but as the culture of our tribe.

We cultivate rich social networks.

Rich sustainable economic ecologic environments require three types of capital investment:

Financial investment.
Knowledge investment.
Social investment.

Furthering this, all living systems require win-win relationship dynamics to grow.

If I and 149 other people truly get this, and live it, until our time on this earth has passed, we can't lose. Of that, if we can form a core of 15 organizations, and 15 super star tribe members, we will be able to do amazing things. Truly amazing things.

This all maybe sounds just a bit too good to be true.

Let me share something with you. These six principles, these two three legged tripods upon which our tribe's values rest, are not idle buzzwords.
They are not fads.
They are not trends.

They are based on living systems, they are based on life itself. They have, as I like to say, around three billion years of R&D.
These principles work because they are the foundational basis for how we (humans, and too many life forms to mention in a blog post!) got from there to here. These principles will work for any future for getting from here to there.

I have unshakable belief in what I can do for people and organizations because I get it, I understand it, I want to live it.

I also know with out a doubt, that if I find 150 people who get it, our tribe will have a ticket for life.

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