Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tribal Economics 103

I have been told many times I should write a book, or books even. On average, I am told around once a month.

The thing is, I already know I am better off giving away and sharing with you and others what I know. I am much better sharing it with you, and building a tribe around it rather than packaging and selling it as a book. By making it a commodity of financial exchange, I taint the knowledge I have just that little bit. (I believe in capitalism as well, just to keep this in perspective!) I know there is much more value in the trust and reputation I gain by sharing it with you.

If you are by some shocking account unfamiliar with the blogosphere, let me share something with you. There is a staggering array of knowledge freely shared by high profile economists, sociologists, anthropologists, physicists, and so on. There is also essentially 95% useless or trivial information. Systems thinking and by extension of the systems I am developing for my organizations are a way of separating the signal (pertinent knowledge and wisdom) from the noise (trivia, propoganda, etc).
These people can freely share their knowledge because they are also secure in knowing that they can add additional  value in order to create a living around their acquired knowledge.

There is a tremendous amount of knowledge out there. Being open minded to exploring new innovative ways to make that knowledge and wisdom useful for you or your organization is up to you. AND up to me.

Put up your hand if you are starting to 'get' it!

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