Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tribe Economics 102

As readers of this blog will come to know, I continually try to tie the bigger picture to the little picture (your picture, perhaps!), and vice versa.
The unconventional consultant is passionate in getting people to want to develop a fuller, more rounded understanding in how our actions (or in-actions!) can make a difference in how humanity can respond to the enormous challenges we face in the coming years.

It is virtually impossible to keep up with the many issues that we as people, we as organizations face now, and in the coming years. For one, there is a lot of disinformation, politicized information, information with hidden agendas, or even hoarded information.

When developing the concepts that go into the Transforming People Organization, and the Transforming Organizations organization, I wanted to develop systems and organizational culture for addressing these issues.
That is, I wanted to create a process for developing knowledge and wisdom around shared information, with a level of trust and reputation around that information, knowledge and wisdom that is difficult to find via traditional means.

We as individuals, we as people within organizations have an enormous amounts of under used wealth of information and knowledge. By creating the trusted networks between our tribes, our organizations, we can develop very dynamic systems for not only keeping us better informed of the issues we face, but much more importantly, creating the innovations and actions for addressing those issues.

It is the act of giving and sharing information and knowledge that enabled humans to populate vast regions of the earth with six billion people. As people, as organizations, we will need our ever increasing creativity and capacity to innovate to manage the possible addition of another three billion people within the next forty years. It is imperative that we do so.

Finding new ways to connect with people, new ways to build solid, trusting relationships with people finding new ways of sharing our knowledge and expertise will be a critical component of both understanding the challenges we face, and addressing the challenges we face.
The internet and new forms of social media give us unprecedented opportunity to connect, share and build relationships.
Those that can create win-win dynamic relationships, where those that give and those that receive both win, will have an enormous advantage in the long run.

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