Sunday, August 22, 2010

Geo-Politics--Order over Chaos

I do need to add this as part of the post that follows below.
Politics and their organizations bear specific scrutiny and understanding in the Big Scheme of Things.

Politics is the ideological force of order imposed over chaos. This is not a judgment, but rather a statement. It isn't inherently good or bad. It is a form of social organization that evolved to adapt the state to ever growing populations, democracy being the latest adaptive trait.

Understanding this in the context of society, for creating the operating environment of human economic and social activity, we need to broaden our own perspectives and that of our organizations perspectives. Saying politics matters is like saying oxygen matters.
It is understanding the dynamics between political will and economic activity where fruitful innovation can happen, and within that, it is understanding what political oversight and economic activity are trying to accomplish. That can be simply put as creating a sustainable environment for human survival and personal growth.

The interplay between all political bodies from regions, within countries, within geo-political regions, etcetera, can either create pockets and environments of enormous creativity, productivity, and desirable lifestyles, or it can cripple and retard these.
Ego and often out-moded ideologies are very often behind the crippling affects.
Political organizations more than any other type of organization need to re-think how their ideology can play a role in creating the future that is inclusive and sustainable for the kind of world we are heading towards.

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