Saturday, August 21, 2010

Big Picture--Your Edition

The innovative and productive dynamics that are waiting to be harnessed with the concept I am developing really start to take hold and grow exponentially when you understand that social networks involve people.

Here is what I know about you, and organizations in general. You have skills, talents, interests, social skills, I could go on and on, that society needs, that your organization could use, that are lying there under valued. You likely have skills we could use that you can't even imagine there is a use for!
But I know they are there. I've found them in pretty much everybody I talk to.

You just have to want to take the lead in wanting to both develop your skills, your passions, your interests, and then sharing them. If it is with the networks I am developing, my 'tribes' of transforming organizations and people, you'll not just learn how you matter to how we all grow and benefit, you will experience just how satisfying that can be to your self and your soul.

I cannot emphasize this enough. We need you because will all benefit in some way big or small with you being part of this. You have a lot to give, and a lot to gain back once you participate, once you experience the positive energy, you'll grow personally like you never thought possible.

All it takes is sharing and developing what I know lies within you, and wanting to be part of something cool, something bigger than yourself, something that can and will benefit society as a whole.
With that, you will be better able to adapt, and thrive in coming years ahead. You will have an outlet for your talents, your interests, your passions. You may discover paths for yourself that you either gave up on, or didn't think existed. You win, society wins, well all gain.
And the Vancouver region is the better for it.

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