Saturday, August 7, 2010

Transformed People, Transformed Organizations

If we are part of a committed process for transforming organizations and people, what then do Transformed People, Transformed Organizations look like?

For Organizations:

--better integration with it's surrounding environment, it's employees, contractors (externalized work), supply chains and customers.
--enhanced strategic planning processes.
--enhanced ability to understand and adapt to macro and micro trends.
--enhanced productivity, an improved bottom line.
--to lead in shaping the future.
--deeper trust and relationships between all social components of its operation.
--deeper connection to the world that makes our economic life possible. 
--deeper connections to the local and global community.
--recognized as a Transformed Organization that is part of an advanced, life long process to being broadly aware and responsive to the challenges the world faces in the coming years.
--recognized as being a leader in the standards of ethics and behaviour in their field and in the business world.
--the rich satisfaction in knowing it is part of the solution, not part of the problem.
--being a integral contributor to the Transforming Organizations and Transforming People Social Network.  

For People:

--better integration with society, community and work.
--better able to initiate, grow and manage your passions, dreams and opportunities.
--you are the type of person that great organizations and companies would love to have.
--self-realized personal growth.
--better relationships.
--better understanding of how modern economic society works and your role in it.
--better skills for adapting to the challenges of life.
--leadership qualities, in leading your life and inspiring others.
--better able to shape your future rather being shaped by the future.
--deeper trust and connections with your way of making a living, your community, the global community.
--broader, deeper perspective of life.
--deeper understanding and connection to the world that supports and enables our way of life.
--recognized as being a leader in the Transforming People organization that is part of a life long process to being broadly aware and responsive to the challenges to world faces in the coming years. 
--being an integral contributor to the Transforming People and Transforming Organizations Social Network. 

Those people and organizations that reach that level will already know that being the best is being committed to a process and system for being the best.
We are at the beginning of that process with Transforming People, Transforming Organizations. The more we grow personally and in numbers, the more we all gain, we all grow, the closer we all get to being part of a network of people and organizations that can transform the world.

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