Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Big Picture--Dynamic Edition

Our day to day lives, be that in managing a household, or managing a business, or just the things we need to do to earn a living are busy enough and complex enough that keeping up with the larger world events, the long term trends, or the issues that are affecting the whole planet are usually beyond our scope.

Yet it can be the day to day effects of our actions that are part of the dynamics that create the global issues. That can be every thing from our buying habits, our lifestyle habits, or how our work organizations conduct their business.

Those global, big picture issues, and short and long term trends in turn affects our buying habits, our lifestyle habits, and how our work organization conduct their business.

When we think in terms of systems thinking, we start to understand better, our perspectives change as to our relationship with the world at large. And with that, we can start to see how transforming ourselves, transforming our organizations can and will have positive affects in transforming the world.
It is seeing this relationship between the big picture, and our 'personal picture' as a dynamic, two way feedback loop, that creates that vision, this gravitational pull on our awareness and motives which in turn changes our own ways of thinking of our world.

This can be a powerful dynamic.

One of the  goals of the Transforming Organization and Transforming People projects is creating the knowledge base around the larger issues, the large scale long term trends, and creating the social networks where we can share the perspectives and understandings that can make a difference to your organization or your personal life. You don't have to be an expert on any of the issues, but as we grow as a group of organizations networked together, there will be others that are experts, or have perspectives on the trends and issues that you can draw from to help you make better informed decisions on your life or your business.

Likewise, when we connect and share the small things we as individuals, or as organizations are doing to either adapt to change, or address sustainable business practices, this is where innovation can be multiplied and rippled throughout our social networks and beyond to have direct positive affects on not just our communities, but on other communities elsewhere.

It is by creating the multiplier affects of connected people and organizations dedicated to the principles and actions of transforming themselves, by taking the lead in knowledge sharing and innovative cultures that inspiration and change happens.

Think in terms of systems, develop organizational and personal knowledge, connect, share and network those perspectives and knowledge and amazing things will happen.

We'll feel great doing it, we'll be more productive businesses, we'll be better employees, we'll bring more value to our day to day lives, and the lives of others.

This is how winning people and organizations will think and act in the years to come. We can start by thinking and acting like this now.

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