Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Unconventional Tribe

Who is the unconventional tribe?
We are the individuals, the people, the organizations who want to take the lead in shaping the future. Wanting to is simple. Having the path and knowledge to want to shape the future is harder. Taking on the responsibility is harder still.
But that is what leaders do.

As leaders, we wake up, and look for the paths we'll need to shape the kinds of future that lets economic life, social life, and biological life flourish.
As leaders, we actively examine the realities of today, we dig deeper in understanding the nature of the current realities, we seek out the knowledge of others in evaluating the current realities and create actions plans for developing short term and long term improvements.
We actively try to understand how the bigger picture and everyday realities mesh.

As leaders of the future, we actively try to understand the long term trends, and how as individuals, people, and organizations we're going to adapt to those trends--and more importantly!--shape those trends.

As leaders, as systems thinkers, we understand that economic and social systems require that you invest and put back into the system more than you take out. That is how systems grow and flourish.
Eighty percent of the wealth going to ten percent of the people is not a sustainable system.
Social and knowledge capital that is not actively reinvested across all social boundaries is not a sustainable system.
Social, knowledge and economic capital that is not reinvested into our ecological systems is not a sustainable system.

The Unconventional Tribe understands this. We get it.

We also understand we have to combine and spread our efforts. We understand we have to not only keep developing our own leadership skills, we have to develop leadership skills in many others.
We understand we have to take on the responsibility for creating and developing the kinds of learning and knowledge bases, the broader kinds of systems thinking, and the kinds of social networks that can combine and spreads our efforts.

We understand that if we are going to be the kinds of individuals, the kinds of people, the kinds of organizations that can and will respond to the immense challenges of the future that we have to take the lead.

How do you join the Unconventional Tribe? You write me. The sooner the better. We have a future to shape.

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