Monday, July 26, 2010

Adaptive Traits for Organizations

How prepared, how adaptive is your organization for the challenges and opportunities the next ten, twenty, thirty years are going to bring? Is your organization leading the way in having awareness of those challenges? Or is it following the herd? How do you even know how adaptive your organization is? What system do you have for understanding those challenges?

There are three adaptive traits winning organizations will have in leading the way in thriving in the kinds of future environments the changes the 21st century is bringing.
Those organizations will have a systems thinking mindset throughout the organization.
Those organizations will be learning organizations and the people in them will be people who have learning as a life style.
Those organizations will have dynamic social networks that create rich connections within themselves, and far outside the boundaries of the organization.

Here, where we explore the unconventional, where we look for those edges that will make us the leaders now and for the years ahead, where we want to be the winners in the years ahead, those three adaptive traits will be ongoing themes.
Being unconventional means seeing what others cannot, understanding what others fail to understand, being what others are afraid to be.

How well does your organization understand and live these adaptive traits?

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