Sunday, July 25, 2010

The World Needs You

My standard spiel is that the world's population is projected to be nine billion people by the year 2050. In forty years, that means we might add 50% more people than we already have.
That, my friends, is going to present us--that's you and me--with a lot of challenges.
Fortunately, people like you and I love challenges. We need challenges. That's what makes us alive. We see them as opportunities to push ourselves to be the very best we can be. To learn. To grow.
To rise above the ordinary, to be extraordinary.
The challenge of another three billion people (this is a projection. more on this in future posts) will present us, the you's and me's of the world, with a LOT of opportunity.

The conventional will not get it done. The ordinary, the routine, the we-always-do-it-this-way will not get it done.
We need the unconventional. We need the extraordinary. We need the remarkable. We need leaders. We need you.

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