Sunday, July 25, 2010

It's About The People, Stupid

Get two persons together that are transforming themselves into the kinds of individuals the world will need for the foreseeable future, and what you have is people.
People being transformed into leaders the world needs is a powerful force.

There are many many people, groups of people, books, ideas (all of whom and which I'll introduce you to at some point!) that over the course of my life have gone into the building of a belief, and the developing of a system from which people can transform a world, but one person I'd like to refer to now is the change agent, Seth Godin.

Seth, via his book "Tribes" helped me make more real in my own mind a powerful concept he called Tribes.
Creating a Tribe around an idea, or concept creates a dynamic force of people who want to go in a similar direction. And once you create a dynamic force of people, a tribe of people who believe they can transform something--be that themselves, their family life, their neighbourhood, their co-workers, their place of work, or their belief of what is possible with an open, learning mind--what you have is a force that can create ripples of change, ripples of innovation, ripples of hope around itself.

The very simple trick, the very simple action, is believing we can. Yes, it is that simple. Then it is actively engaging with your tribe.

When you have a Tribe, you have a network. A network of like minded people where ideas, knowledge, experience, enthusiasm, passions get spread to people outside your Tribe. With that you, yes, YOU can become a change agent.
Seth Godin is a change agent because of the simple belief in himself that he can be. And that is how he lives his life.

Ideas and concepts, or passion or abilities that the world might need that reside only in your own mind are like untapped veins of gold--it is or can be a valuable resource. Having a Tribe turns your untapped resource into something the world can use.

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