Thursday, July 29, 2010

Unconventional Organizations, Unconventional People

For organizations of any type to adapt and thrive in the ever changing, rapidly evolving environment that the 21st century has brought and will continue to bring they need to let go of the conventional.
I know all too well this is a concept that is difficult to grasp.
The conventional is easier, the conventional is how most organizations do it. The conventional is comfortable. The conventional has an easy to follow manual. The conventional is ordinary. The conventional cannot see past it's next quarterly report, cannot see past it's next sales target.

Right now there is an idea to revolutionize the business you are in. A way of doing something, a model, a product that is better than yours, that sometime in the future, be that tomorrow, or ten years from now, will make your business out of date. Behind the curve. Fighting to catch up. Odds are your business is already fighting to catch up.

Browsing the internet for even an afternoon reveals myriad trends, fads, books, consultants, methodologies, and fixes, etc and so forth for making your business, your organization or you as a person better equipped to make you or your business better.
They are almost all well meaning. Some are probably excellent. Some might even make the difference to the long term survival of your organization, or to you to earn a living.

Most are conventional. Most allow you to keep up with the ordinary. Or hook you on high octane ideas of winning. Some are simply dreadful.

Shockingly few understand how life works, shockingly few understand how life, how culture, how technology evolves. Shockingly few have worldviews.

If your organization, if you as a person has no systematic way of understanding the future, no systematic way of understanding how to adapt, how do you plan to do it? Hard work? That is a lot of energy that could be expended on being innovative, spent on learning how to be leading edge. Relying on being 'smarter'? What, I would ask, makes you or your organization so smart? How does it do it? Or maybe just luck? Luck is what eighty percent rely on. In which case, if that is your plan, then--good luck!

You could step away from the conventional. You could step up from the ordinary. You could email me to find out how.
I will advise this first. I am not for the ordinary. I am not for the conventional. I am for those that want to understand, lead and win in the game of life.

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