Thursday, September 15, 2011

Creating a 21st Century Organization

This is my big audacious dream. An organization that networks together investment management, capitalist enterprise, investors, management, workforce, venders and suppliers, customers, community.
The culture, the management philosophy and tools, the technology, the need all exist right now to make this possible.
With the right leadership, drive, determination and desire to become the model, the leader, in what an organization can be and what it can do, we can and will create this organization.

For myself, I am driven by a sense of purpose around defining what capitalism can be in the age of networks. A capitalism that can spread it's creative awards to those who participate.
A capitalism that not only rewards its core participants, but also looks forward to be part of solving society's most pressing problems.
A capitalism that can help create the vibrant, healthy social and economic society the future wants, the future needs. A win-win capitalism.

We're at the beginning. We're a seed. To grow, we want to attract the attention of those that can give this concept energy. Their social capital, their intellectual capital, their financial capital. Those that can understand the concept, and contribute their experience, their skills, their minds to make it better. To seed that culture of constant, never ending learning and improvement, a culture of growth.

A concept I am looking for feedback on right now is the idea of creating a investment fund, I am calling the North American Capitalism Investment Fund. I believe I have sound ideas around this, but it needs the expertise of fund managers who are looking for a creative edge in their investment strategies.

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  1. In my mid-40s I went back to university to study cog- and social psych. I needed to drill into a very specific problem: how to tell what folk are truly concerned about? Cuz ... as any contractor knows ... sometimes folk go on and on and on about something and things aren't coming clear because what they're talking about is related to their major concern but they're not actually talking about that concern.

    I used the notion of "topoi", just as short-hand. And in a criminology course ("Psych and Law" ... fabulous stuff!) I learned about "cognitive interview", a new technique that police were using. If you listen to what folk are talking about, you can sort of figure out what's got their attention.

    So I boil it down to this: what really matters? and just why? That's where the bottle-necks are, the hidden variables, the "wicked problems".

    Folk get distracted by the alligators and forget that the point is to drain the swamp! ;-)