Tuesday, October 12, 2010

News Flash--Downsizing Isn't Necessily Effective

I picked this paper up via the website of the firm Right Management the paper itself produced by SHRM Foundation

Employment Downsizing and Its Alternatives

"Studies have tracked the performances  of downsizing firms verses nondownsizing firms for as long as nine years after the event. The findings: As a group, the downsizers never outperform the nondownsizers."

This underscores my belief and philosophy that most firms and organizations have the talent already within that they need to excel. They just do not quite how to find and develop that talent.
Maybe they do not have the right incentives and motivations in place to draw that talent out.
Any organization that employed my three pillars approach would develop the culture and process to draw that talent out, and enable that talent to excel and grow the organization with it.

During tough economic times, there exists enormous opportunity to reorganize, and adapt the kinds of organizational models based the new theories of biological systems, as opposed to the old theories of mechanical systems.
We are on the leading wave of a paradigm shift, and it is up to you to decide where your organization is on riding that wave.

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