Sunday, November 7, 2010

Tag-Why Few Organizations Adopt Systems Thinking

Tidy little paper by Russel L. Ackoff on Why Few Organization Adopt Systems Thinking

Key points, one I touched upon below in my previous post:
--the cover your ass principle endemic in most organizations.
--systematic punishment of failure
--accounting practices and principles that cannot account for the value output of systems thinking
--very little inter-organizational communication...the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing
--jargon that makes sense to those learned in systems thinking but is incomprehensible to lay persons

Missed in the paper is the personal responsibility aspect, which, near as I can tell, most systems thinkers miss.

Hat tip for this piece goes to the LinkedIn discussion boards on Systems Thinking.

Coming from the ground up as I have, with no formal training or academic grade education, I perhaps have a more intuitive touch in getting people I talk to to grasp systems thinking. It's not that difficult. But! It takes time.
Adopting systems thinking is another matter. That is in large part to our culture of individualism, and not having a means of continuous education and practical application.
My goals for Transforming Organizations and Transforming People are to help address these shortcomings, but there are many boulders to roll up hill before I/we get to that point.

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